Why is Mother's Day Important?

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Why is Mother's Day Important?

Mother's Day gives us the chance to let our mums know just how much they mean to us! It is an opportunity to show your love and appreciation for everything they do.

Mums do everything for us and deserve celebration every day, but Mother's Day is the perfect excuse to really show your appreciation. While searching for the best Mother’s Day presents, it is important to know why it is special to you and what you can do to show your love. It is also important to understand Mother’s Day’s origins to really understand what this lovely holiday is all about.

The Origins of Mother's Day

The custom of visiting mothers on Laetare Sunday developed during the Middle Ages. This was a time when many people moved away from their home villages in order to find work. The fourth Sunday of Lent was known as Laetare Sunday, and it was seen as a special day when people could return to their home parish and see their mothers. This became known as Mothering Sunday in Britain, where it continued into modern times, although it has largely been replaced by Mother’s Day.

Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia, whose mother had organised women’s groups to promote friendship and health, developed what we now recognise as Mother’s Day. Anna Jarvis conceived of a day specifically devoted to mothers. On May 12, 1907, she held a memorial service at her late mother's church in Grafton, West Virginia. This event was attended by about 400 people and served as the inspiration for future Mother's Day celebrations.

In 1914, Mother's Day was finally recognised as a national holiday in the United States, when President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill designating the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day.

Why is Mother's Day different in the USA and UK?

In the USA, Mother's Day is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May, however it changes every year in the UK... why?

Traditionally, Mothering Sunday was celebrated as a chance for children to go home and visit their mothers. It was also seen as a time when people could go back to their "mother church" - the church where they were baptised. This always takes place three weeks before Easter and on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Therefore, the date of Mother's Day changes in the UK, because just like Easter, it is based on the Lunar calendar. This means that the date changes each year, depending on when Easter falls.

So, like many things in Britain, Mother's Day has roots in Religion and Christianity. But in recent years it has moved away from that and directed a focus on mothers themselves. In the UK today, we see a combination of the traditional Mothering Sunday and the Americanised Mother's Day. This allows each family to celebrate Mother's Day differently depending on their own views and preferences.

We think that Mother's Day is an amazing holiday as it focuses solely on our appreciation of our loved ones. Whether it is your mum, nan, or anyone you feel has provided you with the love and care of a mother, it is the perfect day to let your loved one know how much you appreciate them.

Ideas for Celebrating Mother's Day

Look, you know your Mum best, so you know what she likes. But in case you're struggling for inspiration, here are some great ideas for you. For some, it is more than just finding the best Mother’s Day presents, so read on to see how you can show your love in a variety of ways.

Breakfast in Bed

If your Mum loves a bit of peace and quiet in the morning, why not treat her to breakfast in bed? Yes, this is a bit stressful and requires you to get up a bit early on a Sunday, but it’s definitely worth it! Whatever it is, your mum will love the effort you have put in to make her some breakfast to enjoy before the day begins (but be sure to clean away any mess you make!). This is an excellent way to start Mother's Day.

Get Out and About

Springtime can provide some great weather for you to take your mum out! If it’s just a walk around the block, or a big hike across the countryside, your mum will love spending quality family time with you, and maybe even the adventure. You could also take your mum out for lunch or dinner to take the stress away from cooking (and make sure the food is nice too!)

Chill Out

For some, Mother's Day is all about relaxing... it is a Sunday after all. Why not take the duvets downstairs, get some snacks and sit in front of the TV all day? This is a great way for everyone to relax and get well needed some family time.

Give a Gift

Mother's Day is about appreciating everything your loved one does for you, sometimes it is nice to give a gift, but what are the best Mother's Day presents? At The Happiness Box, we believe that giving your mum one of our care packages is the best way to show your love and appreciation

At The Happiness Box, we have the best Mother’s Day presents, our favourite is the Mother's Day Letterbox Gift box. Not only is it stuffed full of tasty treats, candles and self-care products, but it also comes with a wish necklace and personalised card. This is the perfect gift to help you show your love this Mother’s Day as it ticks every box that your mum could want on such a special day.

Mothers Day Letterbox Gift - The Happiness Box

If this box doesn't quite do it for you, we have a wide array of gift boxes, so we are certain that you will find the best Mother's Day present for your mum.

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