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At The Happiness Box, we believe that everyone should know how much they are appreciated. Some of the people that work the hardest are our teachers. With Summer just around the corner, we are approaching the end of term. We know that teachers across the country have worked unbelievably hard this year, so why not surprise your teacher with a letterbox gift?

Gifting your teacher a letterbox gift is a fantastic way to show your appreciation to your teachers. Their customisable nature allows you to tailor the gift to convey exactly how you feel.

To order your teacher a letterbox gift, or to find out about our other great products, explore our website or contact us on today.

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Why We Should Thank Our Teachers

We often hear people say that teachers are the backbone of society. They play a vital role in shaping our future by imparting knowledge and values to us. However, we seldom take the time to thank them for their contribution. Here are some reasons why we should show our appreciation for teachers more often:


Teachers dedicate their lives to educating others

Teachers have chosen to dedicate their lives to helping others learn. They could have chosen any other profession, but they chose teaching because they want to make a difference. Teachers inspire us every day to better ourselves, and work unbelievably hard.


Teachers help us reach our potential

Whilst students may not always agree, teachers believe in their students and push them to reach their full potential. They challenge us to think critically and instill confidence in us. When we succeed, they feel like they have succeeded too. Teachers play a crucial role in our development, both academically and personally.


Teachers make sacrifices for their students

Teachers often go above and beyond the call of duty to help their students. They stay after school to help us with our homework, or give up their lunch break to mentor us. Sometimes they even use their own money to buy supplies for the classroom. Teachers make countless sacrifices for their students – both big and small – and we should be grateful for everything they do.


Teachers work long hours

Not only do teachers spend their days teaching, but they also spend many hours preparing lessons and grading papers. They give up their evenings and weekends to help their students succeed. Teachers work extremely hard, and they deserve our appreciation.


Teachers are Role Models

Students spend every day with teachers, so it is no surprise that they become role models (whether students know it or not). Teachers set an example for their students in terms of work ethic, kindness, and respect. They teach us how to be better people, and we should be thankful for that. Teachers educate us in more than just schoolwork. They exemplify what we strive to become in a human being: kind, caring, attentive, hardworking, and much, much more!

Teachers really do so much for us and our children. Therefore, when we get the opportunity to show our appreciation, we should take it!


Is it Odd to Give a Teacher a Gift?

In short, no. It is not unusual to give a teacher a gift. In fact, many people think it is quite thoughtful. The key is to make sure the gift is appropriate. Students know their teachers best and will know what they will likely appreciate.

It is always best to err on the side of caution when selecting a gift for a teacher. If you are unsure about what to get, consider something that is useful such as office supplies or classroom decorations. Avoid anything that could be considered personal such as clothing or jewelry. Ultimately, the best way to gauge what type of gift your teacher would appreciate is to have students ask them directly, or observe the things they use or say they enjoy.

Often, class members will group together to buy a joint gift. However, it certainly does not hurt for you to get your own personal gift for a teacher to give them.

As mentioned above, remaining appropriate is key! Teachers do not expect gifts for their work, so anything they receive will be greatly appreciated. Something useful, or a nice treat often works best!


Why You Should Get Your Teacher a Letterbox Gift

Teachers work extremely hard all year round to ensure we, or our children receive a great education. They often don't get the recognition they deserve, so why not show your teacher how much you appreciate them with a gift?

Teachers do not expect to be given gifts, however they are human. There is nothing nicer than receiving a gift from someone as a thank you for working as hard as teachers do. Chocolate is an incredibly popular gift among teachers. It is a nice treat to enjoy, as well as providing students and parents with the opportunity to show their appreciation.

Getting your teacher a letterbox gift is a great idea. Whilst you likely won't know their address, you can get it sent to yourself to hand to them personally. We design our boxes to create a beautiful present that anyone would be happy to receive. So, whilst we discuss a teacher letterbox gift, it doesn't necessarily have to be sent to them directly. Furthermore, by getting your teacher letterbox gift sent to you first, you can make sure that the treats inside are perfect, as well as adding a card or personal message. This really makes the present special as it has a personal touch.


The Happiness Box and Teacher Letterbox Gifts

We're all excited about the summer holidays, and it can sometimes be easy to forget the hard work our teachers have put in all year. So, be sure to show your appreciation for your teacher with a letterbox gift from The Happiness Box. Our wide variety of letterbox gifts guarantee that you will find something perfect for your teacher. We stock and provide various letterbox gift boxes, so you can pick the perfect one to show your appreciation to your, or your children's teacher.

We ship all over the UK, so wherever you are, we will make sure it gets to you in time for the summer holidays.

To find your perfect teacher letterbox gift, explore our website or contact us today on or 07969240371. We will be more than happy to discuss your ideas and find the perfect teacher letterbox gift for you.

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