Sun, Sea & St George

This week I've been busy selling furniture and other items that my family no longer want. Due to the upcoming move we are trying to get rid of a few things and expand our budget for decorating.

The weather has been sunnier again this week and I'm hoping it lasts for St George's Day weekend. At work Brad and I designed our own heraldry shields and created a St George's Day themed happiness box. On Friday we went to collect stock from various outlets in our own local community and enjoyed the St George's Day festivities.

This week I created a custom double birthday box for my partner's Dad. The tricky thing was finding a treat for the box with no sugar as he is a diabetic! I put a spin on the men's happiness box we already sell and found sugar free sweets to include in the box!

Brad also has a busy weekend planned as he's attending a children's birthday party. I'll be attending a "box packing" party this weekend in my room and preparing for the move. I will also be attending my partner's Dad's tea party on Monday afternoon for his birthday!


Spread the happiness, Rachel x

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