New Beginnings

My partner, Tim, dropped me at work on Monday morning. I didn’t feel anxious…more excited to join such an amazing start-up company.

I wanted to join the company because it is a small business that sells authentic products. I liked the story behind the start up. Brad and his wife, Louise, wanted to send gifts to their friends and family.

They created the happiness box and donated £1 from every box to the NHS to show their support for the key worker staff during lockdown.

The anticipation for starting work had been building and I couldn’t wait to get out of the habit of watching Netflix all day. I was welcomed very warmly and given a desk, laptop and a happiness box. Brad then showed me around the office and where the toilet and kitchen are.

My second day was pancake day. when I arrived at the office Brad went out to get pancakes from McDonalds, he returned shortly later and with a huge look of disappointment on his face he turned to me and said, ‘they forgot my sausage’.
Whilst Brad went to locate his missing sausage I built some boxes, ready for us to pack with new orders.

We talked about what our favourite pancakes are. I chose Nutella and banana and lemon and sugar, 2 very strong classic options. Brad bought some bacon to make bacon and maple syrup pancakes and he also got some strawberries so he could make a Nutella and strawberry one as dessert!

Brad and I talked about our own memories of Easter and our family traditions. I fondly remember waking up extra early to go on a treasure hunt to find what the Easter bunny had left for me.

Do you have any fond Easter memories or traditions that you would like to share?

Spread the Happiness, Rachel xxx

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