Mother's, Music & Moving

This week we were enjoying the new found sunny weather and listened to a lot of music on heart. The song 'Light switch' by Charlie Puth plays very regularly and it's now become an ongoing joke that I will have to call Brad when I am 60 just to sing the song. 

Brad spent the weekend celebrating his Nan's 80th birthday by gathering as a family for a party. Whilst Brad was doing that, I was celebrating the news that my parents had sold our house, so there was lots of cleaning and packing furniture, ready for the upcoming move!

Sunday is also Mother's day. I'm well prepared as I made large custom boxes for my mum and nan at the happiness box with all their favourite treats in. Brad's spending mother's day evening with Louise and they're having a curry!

We have been very busy this week preparing for Mother's Day and have enjoyed packing lots of Mother's day box orders

Whilst enjoying the sun this week, we just had enough time to reorganise the stock and the office!

 what is everyone's mother's day traditions? 

Spread the happiness, Rachel x

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