Coffee, Candy & Covid

On Monday morning I arrived at the office, very tired from the weekend. I finally understood what Garfield meant when he said "he hates Monday". I walked into the office after a rather bumpy bus ride and said good morning to Brad. To my surprise and amusement he had bought me a rainbow mug and hot chocolate set with a mini whisk and had set it out on my desk. I laughed and said "ooo presents, what are you buying me presents for?" To which Brad replied, "I thought it was time you had your own coffee cup". 

Our conversation turned what we did at the weekend. Brad went on a stag do on Friday in Brighton with his friends. He said he had a lovely time but he couldn't go to any of the club's because despite clearly being over 25 he didn't have his ID. Brad said he went back to the hotel, content due to having the room to himself and he fell asleep. He was awoken by a group of people trying to get into the room with their key. Too tired to get out of bed he shouted towards the door that they had the wrong room and they went away. They returned about 10 minutes later but the key worked this time and they entered the room. They were not Brad's friends, but another group of people who were also in Brighton on holiday. It turned out that the hotel had double booked the room and the group's bags were already in there!


My weekend was equally chaotic. On Thursday night I returned home from work and packed my bags. I had a long journey ahead of me to Cleethorpes where my partner lives. The journey went smoothly until I reached Doncaster. I was supposed to be getting a coach from there direct to Cleethorpes but it arrived, stopped for 5 seconds and drove off. Me, a couple from Scunthorpe, and a man called Jim from Cleethorpes were stranded. It was 12am and we were all getting cold. After looking for staff and calling the helpline for over 40 minutes to no avail, the couple from Scunthorpe called their daughter to come and get them. Jim and I decided we were going to find a way together. We walked around Doncaster station and finally found a member of staff. 10 minutes later we were in a taxi to Cleethorpes and I arrived at Tim's house at 1am (30 mins earlier than I should of). Jim and I had a lovely conversation and it was like having a personal tour guide on the journey as he pointed out all the towns and notable attractions along the way.
The rest of Monday brad and I organised one of our new boxes which was based around a chocolate poem for mother's Day. Writing the poem was interesting because we had to find a way to fit 10 different chocolates names into a poem that flowed well. We set up a sample box and took pictures and added it to the website. We had some conversations about social media and discussed some upcoming posts that we would like to do later in the week. We finished all the orders by 2pm, ready for the postman to collect from the office.

On Monday night I found it very hard to sleep. I felt ill and overrun but I kept waking up in the night. I woke up around 1am to a notification from the the NHS test and trace app. Yes, that dreaded notification. I had been around someone who had now tested positive for Covid 19. I thought about this news for a while, my dad was having an operation and chemotherapy…oh no …I'll have to isolate in my bedroom. I rolled over and went to sleep. In the morning my mum came in to wake me up and I said "no get away from me" she came back 15 mins later and said "oh you're up now…were you having a bad dream? You told me to get away from you earlier.". I told her I wasn't having a bad dream but she should keep her distance because I might have Covid 19. After speaking to Brad over WhatsApp it was concluded that I would order a PCR test, and hopefully I could return to work on Monday. The test arrived on Thursday at 1pm and by Friday afternoon I had the result and it was negative. I was very relieved that I could now leave my room and the first thing I did was take the 3 dogs out for a nice walk.

I hope everyone else had a lovely week (with no Covid scares)

Spread the happiness, Rachel x


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